Anonymous: hello i want to ask a question to you all this kind of stuff that for example fruits or sweety things we eat at the morning i mean in the breakfast it is just doesn't make me feel like keep full what can i do for it ?

there are a lot of reasons for you to feel that way. for example - when i first started to ‘eat clean’, i felt the same way - even though I ate fruits, vegetables, drank smoothies and cut off junk food, i always felt hungry, but this lasted for one or two months, then I just got used to it. I think maybe you should more greens and lean meat, eggs or oatmeal for breakfast… you get it? :) i also think it’s not the quantity of your meals, but the quality - you don’t need to eat less, but to eat good things 

Aug 30 23:40
fattyfit: happy birthday. i wish you all the best in life. :)

thank you, dear ^.^

Aug 30 23:35
fit--bottomed--girls: Happy birthday, hun!!!

thank you, sweetie <3

Aug 30 23:34 with 1 note
redefiningmyhappiness: I saw it's (almost) your birthday so happy birthday!

thank you so much, love xx 

Aug 30 23:34
monsoonss: happy birthday!! :)

thank you, sweetheart xx

Aug 30 23:34
bigbootywhitegurl: Happy birthday, Christina! I hope you have an amazing year ahead of you. I hope this next year brings you joy to look back on, strength to face life's new challenges, and wisdom for your future endeavors. Your birthday only comes once a year, so remember to have some fun, pamper yourself, and enjoy a slice of cake (or two). ;D Have a beautiful day!

THANK YOUOUOUOUOUOUOU SOO MUCH, HONEY ! I don’t know why, but these birthday messages that I seemed to got, didn’t pop up in my notification bar, and if I didn’t press the button for the messages by accident, I don’t think I would’ve saw your amazing  wishes… so, thank you, dear, you really make me feel loved and worthy, thank you for the long and motivating wish! xxx 

Aug 30 23:34
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